Wading pants can come in handy when you’re fishing in warm conditions and don’t need chest waders to wade deep. Here’s an overview of the best wader pants out there.

A quality pair of waders is an essential investment in fly fishing. They make sure you stay dry, warm and safe on the water. Most waders used in fly fishing are chest waders. However, wading pants (often also called hip waders, waist waders or pant waders) have found more and more fans in recent years.

With fishipants, we hope to create a space where fly fishing becomes a hook for a wider story. It’s a narrative about nature and obedience, love and respect, understanding and action—it’s a story about nature itself. In this story, the characters understand that life in nature exists without being disturbed. It has always been like this, evolving by itself. In its context, we are just tourists, cherishing its great wisdom and preserving what is given.